Best Places to Film Internationally

Filmmakers certainly know that tight competition is everywhere in the movie industry. While casting renowned actors and a good plot can have a great appeal to all movie-goers, another movie element which is highly noted by the viewers is the different locations where the movie is shot. Here are some of the most popular film locations around the world.

  1. Morocco – the country’s landscape and sceneries are top picks for setting up war movies without the dangers and hazards of being in a real war zone. Movies like Black Hawk Down, American Sniper and Gladiator are just some of the films shot in the country.
  2. Prague – famous for its captivating sites and its culturally rich structures, the central city of Czech Republic has hosted films like Mission Impossible franchise, Casino Royale and Hannibal Rising.   
  1. UK – London and Edinburg are some of the best locations you can expect seeing in many movies. Distinguished for its iconic building and fantastic architecture, it accommodated big films like the Harry Potter and a few scenes of the James Bond
  2. Spain – with its Andalucian flatlands, notably Almeria has mimicked the Wild West setting for many films like Exodus: Gods and Kings, King of Kings and the extravagant Cleopatra to name a few.
  3. New Zealand – the long and beautiful mountain ranges of this country catered to top fantasy adventure movies like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit and Chronicles of Narnia.

Not only do filmmakers choose these places for the setting alone, they also consider local movie production team with which they can partner with and these places have the best crew to hire as well. Today, a good number of movies can be made inside a studio, but let’s be honest, manmade visuals still do not match the beauty of the outside world.